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Caribbean Information Technology Services Ltd. Is an HP Service provider with expertise in cutting edge technology like HP Servers, HP Blade Systems and HP Storage (EVA & 3PAR). 25 Years  of experience starting with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) , Compaq and now Hewlett Packard has lended expertise in legacy hardware like Alpha and VAX Servers originally designed by Digital Equipment Corporation. Many organizations have grown accustomed to rely on these reliable legacy hardware. Now is time to move on, but there is no need to left behind the reliability, security and robustness that operating systems like OpenVMS offered.  HP recognized the importance of OpenVMS and have continued its development to the most recent release HP OpenVMS V8.4. We can provide and assist these customer with Alpha Servers Virtualization Solutions. In addition we can provide certified refurbished components to your existent VAX and Alpha Servers in addition to full certified servers from HP.